Choosing a CD/DVD duplication company

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Not All Duplication companies are the same

Choosing a reputable CD/DVD duplication company

When you have recorded your album or you want re-runs of your existing album, perhaps you have your DVD which needs duplicating, it comes the time when you need to choose a company who can do this for you. What are the things you need to consider when choosing such a company? We have put together the main factors for you.

Receiving a quote - Search the internet and a large number of companies will show in the results. You will want to know the cost of the duplication easily and preferably without having to fill a form in, send an email or make a phone call. Many companies will not display their prices because they prefer to make contact with the customer in order to "suck them in" and use sales techniques to establish a sale. With not displaying their prices, is there something they are hiding? Choose a company whose prices are clearly on display for you to make an informed choice.

Easy to order - By looking at the website, you should see if the company states that they make ordering easy. They should state that their service is fast, friendly and efficient. You should be able to speak with someone who is understanding of your requirements, sound efficient, but be friendly. You should have the option of your most convenient way of supplying your audio, disc image upload, audio file transfer, email or simply posting a disc. Mainly, DVD's are supplied by posting the disc.Reputable companies will have a testimonial page where you can read the experiences of the company's customers.

Price - Paying a dearer price than other companies does not always guarantee a better quality. There are numerous reasons why a company can have a more competitive price structure than others. Some companies have fewer overheads such as not having to pay excessive building leases, staff wages and some may not be VAT registered which is extremely advantageous for customers who themselves are not VAT registered, but yet the quality of the goods are not compromised.
Turnaround - You should always enquire about the time it takes to receive your order. Some companies make it dearer to produce your order quicker, but a reputable company will always endeavor to produce your order in the timescale it is required. It is also advisable to ask the delivery method and how well packed your order will be. Most companies will use a 24 hour service and replace any breakages that occur.

Guarantee - If an error has been made by the duplication company, a reputable company will put things right immediately and replace the order without question.

At West Coast Duplication, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service.

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