Singers without CD’s to sell at venues

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February 22, 2017
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February 22, 2017

Lost revenue

When a singer performs at a venue, whether it is a social club, hotel or cabaret club, they may go very well with the audience. A proportion of that audience would be prepared to purchase a recording of the singer, but if the singer does not have a CD available, then this is lost revenue. It may very well be the case that sales of CD's have decreased generally over the last few years, but I believe all singers should have CD's available.

At West Coast Duplication, we have customers who sell a number of different discs and also have DVD's available. This generates an added income for them.
A few years ago, singers would have to book a recording studio to obtain a recording good enough to have CD's produced, but nowadays, if they don't want to outlay the capital, they can record themselves on the superb software programs now available for PC and mac. Of course, I have singers in mind who have their own backing tracks and they can add their voices to the tracks simply enough. Even so, for those who are not computer savvy, it is still a good idea to book themselves into a professional recording studio and obtain a recording they can be proud of. There are numerous throughout the UK and the Fylde Coast area is blessed with a number of those.

So, my advice to singers is, always have CD's available to sell at venues.

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